November 27, 2007

Chinese orchestra

Another type of performance I enjoy watching is the Chinese Orchestra. The Singapore Chinese Orchestra is a very good one and it has performance regularly. Others like the Lion City CO and the Keat Hong CO seldom have public performance.

Here are two musicians in the SCO.

My two favourite instruments are the Pipa and the Erhu. The SCO has many huqin (erhu, gaohu, zhonghu) musicians and I have seen several of them perform solo pieces. In the pipa section there are only four musicians. I have seen only two of them doing solo - Yu Jia and Hou Yue Hua. Usually SCO chooses Yu Jia for solo. I think because she looks more glamorous.

I also like the sanxian. The only sanxian musician in the SCO is Huang Gui Fang.

To learn to play a musical instrument is not easy. You need plenty of discipline and self-motivation because it can be tough, boring and requires long hours of practice.


Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

frannxis, We share same interests for Chinese instrumental music as well. If you spend a little time exploring the links, posted on my opera blog, you will be able to locate and listen to many pieces, both Cantonese and others from different parts of China. Hongxi. Hi, don't know why but just cannot locate the serial title of VCDs you gave me previously for renting the Cantonese Opera videos. Please give me again. Thanks. Hongxi

Anonymous said...

I will show you a picture in the next post. The series is not just opera songs. It includes other cantonese songs - pop songs, tv serial songs, etc.

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

Does anyone has pics of the cowhead & Weaving Maiden festival? I quote from the Chinese History Forum Page.
"('Qi Xi Jie' 七夕节)...
Celebrated on the 7th night of the seventh lunar month, Qi Xi Jie is one of the more romantic Chinese festivals. This is also called "Qi Qiao Jie" (乞巧节) or "Nu Er Jie" (女儿节) in chinese. This is considered Chinese's valentine's day. It commemorates the annual reunion of the cowherd (Niu Lang /牛郎 ) and the weaving Maiden (Zhi Nu /织女 ). It is a time to emphasise the joy and beauty of love; it is also an occasion to reiterate and demonstrate appreciation and care for one's beloved."

I feeling nostalgic with the good old times. Thanks. I was born opp Maxwell Market and grew up in Neil Rd, New World Amusement Park, Upper Pickering St. Since we are perhaps from the same era, I am inviting you, everyone who visited this blog, to visit also
Shao Hongxi

Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

Frannxis, I eagerly look forward to receiving the pic of the VCD series. I would like to rent it from the shop. Where did you rent it from? Have you got videos from your collection of canton opera songs, etc. about the cowherd and the weaving maiden? Appreciate that you can share with us. Welcome you to see my latest blog layout revisions. Thanks again. Hongxi.

pei Pei said...

Hi Frannxis, I am looking for a team of 4-5 chinese orchestra performers + 1 singer to do a performance for a corporate event.

Main request: good to have an all girls team, more upbeat music. Do you do performances? or do you know of someone whom i can contact?