November 18, 2007

Opera enthusiasts 2

An unfortunate thing - A pair of sheng-dan from England performed the excerpt Lu An Zhou (Loh Onn Chow in cantonese). Not far into the show the sheng's hair suddenly became loose. As you all know, in this excerpt the sheng has to do a lot of strong action and vigorous movement. As a result his hair got tossed about and hampered his performance. Poor thing. But he courageously carried on with his performance till the end.

The audience appreciated that as well as their good performance and gave them a resounding applause. The hair-stylist did not do a good job or he himself was careless?

Some pictures of performers in the last two nights:


陈美燕, 胡桂馨, 卢少玲

金莲 - 卢少玲, 郭广麟

旦), 胡桂馨 This is the England dan who performed Lu An Zhou. She is tall.

俏潘安 - 王金英, 锺慧玲

王金英 - see, so relaxed after the show

A short clip of 陈美燕

a song by 王悦和, 方淑銘 (Malaysian)

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