November 15, 2007

MP and race

It was reported that In a survey, 92% of the people said they would vote for an MP of a different race. It means most people would not mind if their MP is of another race. I presume the MP is better-qualified than his opponent. If both are equal, then people may take race into consideration.

Now if you ask them 'Would you mind if there were no MPs of your race?', I am quite certain many would mind, particularly the minorities. It is not racist thinking; just that they think there would be no one to voice their concerns and aspirations. And if that ever happens, it is not good for our country.

As for myself, I won't mind voting for a non-Chinese MP but I would mind if there were no Chinese MPs in Parliament. These are two different things. Some Chinese may say they won't mind because they think it won't happen.

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Victor said...

Nowadays, even if you want to vote for an MP of your own race also cannot. That's because the 5 MPs of a GRC come as a package deal - one of them must be of a minority race whether you like it or not. Yet again, the kind government solves the problem for us.