November 20, 2007

Holiday season

I was at OG departmental store, Chinatown, last saturday. Quite crowded and there were about a dozen people looking for luggage at the luggage section which is at level 5, the topmost level. Months ago there were the most two or three people. The year-end long school holiday has just started. This is a top holiday period for Singaporeans.

The economy is doing well; people are more affluent and travel more and can be lavish in their spending.
Hope they save some money too. Must set aside some fund for belt-tightening days, right? I think oil prices will go up further. This in turn will cause prices of many things to rise.
Inflation is predicted to go up to 5% next year.

And with inflation, investment advisers say don't put all your money in fixed deposits in the bank because your savings will worth much less later.
Also, diversify your investments. But for many ordinary people, I think there aren't many choices. They are not knowledgeable about shares, commodities, forex, etc. Insurance is meant for long-term and must suit your needs. Unit trust is more for medium-term and also does not give very good returns. Investment-linked deposits are not very attractive either. What else?

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Victor said...

You're right. I'll be leaving for Taiwan this Saturday for a 1-week package tour with my family, including mother-in-law. The bill? More than 8K, not counting spending money. (All paid by me, of course.)

But then, our last major overseas holiday was to Shanghai in 2004 so it has been quite some time since we last went on a holiday. Anyway, didn't you say something like money is getting smaller the longer you keep it? Haha.

What else to invest in? Property lor. But then it is the least liquid of all the investment options and the longest term one. Besides, with prices having appreciated so much lately, I think that now is not the right time to invest in a property.

Anonymous said...

Wish you and your family a pleasant and enjoyable holiday!

Shares would be better if you pick the right ones, no need large capital.

Kongming said...

at time like this not gd to invest. all my funds now r burnt. best put in bank... for this moment (to be review on 11/12/07