July 20, 2007

Computer screen

This is my computer screen. See, there are lines across the top. At first, maybe 1 year ago, only a few but now they are about 1cm thick already. Anyone got these on your screen?

There was an article two days ago which says prices of LCD monitors have dropped 30%. So I was thinking whether to buy one. But this computer is more than 3 years old. On second thought, I think leave it alone. Wonder whether there will be more lines.


Victor said...

Do you get the lines only when you watch videos on your monitor? Or do you get them all the time, even when accessing the Internet? If so, then your monitor has a problem. Mine is okay.

LCD prices will always be dropping. Now 22-inch LCD widescreen monitors (Acer brand, I think) can be bought for below $500.

You are right. If it is not bothering you, then you can afford to wait some more.

fr said...

The lines are there all the time, monitor problem.